Appointment Requests

Over many years, AMINZ has been named in legislation and in numerous private agreements to select the right dispute resolver.

AMINZ operates various lists of expert dispute resolvers.
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You can be sure that AMINZ will independently, expertly and expeditiously make an appointment for you. The process of appointment is documented in the AMINZ Appointments Policy. Under this policy, all appointments are made in consultation with independent advisors selected from an Appointments Panel. These advisers provide expert and independent advice and recommendations on appointments. The Appointments Panel includes senior members with experience in dispute resolution.
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In considering any request to appoint, regard is had to the following criteria:

  • The relevant experience and expertise of the proposed appointee.
  • The geographical location of the potential expert to be appointed.
  • The complexity of and, where applicable, the amount in, dispute.
  • Any preferences (or strong objections) as set out by the parties in their communications regarding the appointment (though noting that the Appointing Officer is not bound by such matters).
  • The desire, where appropriate and consistent with the other criteria, to enable a broad spread of appointments, including to suitably qualified newer AMINZ members.

Most appointments are made within three working days.

If you have an agreement which refers to AMINZ, legislation referring to AMINZ, you wish AMINZ to make an appointment or you wish to discuss a possible appointment, please contact us.

It is helpful if you can supply the following information:

  1. Names and contact details of the parties involved in the dispute.
  2. Documentation relating to the dispute, including a copy of any agreement with the dispute resolution clause.
  3. A brief background to the dispute including any relevant documents.
  4. If there are pre-conditions to be met prior to an appointment being made, (eg that the parties must have negotiated a settlement in good faith), please explain how these pre-conditions have been met.
  5. Any requests the parties may have for the appointment, eg the appointment of someone geographically close.

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