AMINZ Projects

Forging new paths in dispute resolution

Current AMINZ projects include:

The Diversity Project - a more diverse membership to meet diverse community needs

This project has included:

  • Made submissions as regards the Te Ture Whenua Maori Bill. W
  • Held a seminar on the settling of indigenous disputes at Parliament
  • Rebranded to include Maori in our name
  • Discussed and advocated for Maori models of mediation with stakeholders
  • Included a session on Maori language in our 2017 conference
  • Sought to attract minority groups within our membership
  • Run numerous seminars on culture, diversity and inclusion
  • Altered our strategic plan to include the fostering of diversity and inclusions
  • Amended our appointments policy to ensure diversity must be considered in all appointments
  • We have promoted diversity in speaking slots.
  • Signed a gender diversity pledge and committed to accountability

AMINZ International - making New Zealand a centre of international dispute resolution

This project has included:

  • The delivery of the world's most prestigious and largest arbitration conference - the International Council for Commercial Arbitration in Sydney, April 2018
  • An add-on international arbitration event in Queenstown, the AMINZ-ICCA International Arbitration day, that gathered together leaders in arbitration and promoted New Zealand and New Zealanders
  • Drafting, publication and promotion of Rules
  • Securing amendments to the Arbitration Act, with more before the House
  • Ensuring New Zealand is represented at United Nations Commission on Trade Law meetings regarding mediation and arbitration

A comprehensive educational programme - ensuring excellent educational pathways for all disputes resolvers

  • A comprehensive education programme for all disputes resolvers
  • 5-day mediation course
  • A 3-day arbitration course
  • Webinars and a soon-to-come webinar library
  • Revamping of the annual conference offering

Disaster Dispute Resolution - the development of a scheme to ensure effective dispute resolution in the case of disasters

Farm debt mediation - providing great solutions to our rural community