Public Services

AMINZ offers a range of services for members of the public, businesses and public sector organizations.

  • Free referrals and information.
  • Free assistance in selecting a dispute resolution practitioner.
  • Panels which the public can search to find a dispute resolution practitioner at no charge.
  • An appointment and nomination service of dispute resolution professionals to resolve certain types of disputes.
  • Education and training in dispute resolution to individuals and organizations.
  • In-house training programmes specifically tailored to your orgnisation.
  • Members who will speak to your organisation about dispute resolution processes.
  • Serviced meeting rooms for hire in our Central Wellington office, contact us for more information.


Nomination and Appointments Service

AMINZ maintains Panels and Lists of suitably qualified and experienced arbitrators, mediators, adjudicators and other dispute resolution specialists who have met rigorous standards and are available for appointment when parties are seeking a professional to help settle a dispute.

The terms and engagement for Panel and List members, including fees, are negotiated and agreed with the nominee or appointee prior to appointment.

Some contracts and statutes list AMINZ as the appointing authority for the purposes of appointing the arbitrator, mediator or adjudicator when parties are unable to agree. On these occasions AMINZ usually charges the requesting party a processing fee for making an appointment.

The appointee acts in his or her own right and is not an agent or representative of the Institute.