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Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand Inc ("AMINZ")

AMINZ Court of Arbitration and Arbitration Appeal Tribunal


1 Introduction

1.1 The purpose of the AMINZ Arbitration Appeal Tribunal is to provide for efficient, confidential and high-quality resolution of appeals from arbitration awards on questions of law.

1.2 The members of an Arbitration Appeal Tribunal ("AAT") will be appointed from the Arbitration Appeal Panel ("AAP"). The AAP will comprise former Judges and other suitably-qualified arbitrators.

2 Criteria

2.1 Members seeking admission to the AAP will be required to:

(a) be a current fully paid up member of AMINZ;
(b) be qualified as an Associate or Fellow of
(c) be a member of the AMINZ Panel of Arbitrators;
(d) be an AMINZ member of good standing;
(e) have the necessary personal qualities and qualifications to act as a member of an AAT;
(f) have the relevant knowledge to act as a member of an AAT;
(g) be a person who in the opinion of the AMINZ Council ("Council") having regard for (a) to (f) above and all other relevant factors is suitable for admission to the AAP.

3 Procedures

3.1 Applications must be completed in the prescribed form (MFAAP) and submitted to the AMINZ Chief Executive Officer.

3.2 Applications must be accompanied by the relevant information and supporting documentation.

3.3 Applications must have two referees in support of the application.

3.4 Every application for admission to the AAP shall be referred to the AMINZ Court for comment and then to the Council for decision.

3.5 The Council is not obliged to furnish any reasons for refusing to admit any applicant to the AAP.

3.6 The Council shall be the final arbiter for each and every application for admission to the AAP.

4 Administration

4.1 Admission to the AAP is for a renewable period of 3 years. Admission is a privilege and does not confer any rights.

4.2 The name of any member may be removed from the AAP list at the request of that member.

4.3 Any member who no longer complies with the requirements of 2.1 shall be removed from the AAP by decision of the Council.

4.4 Members admitted to the AAP appear on the AAP list for a renewable period of 3 years. The Council reviews the complete list every 2 years. The new list comes into force on 1 January of the following year.

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