In-House Training

Conflict management and dispute resolution are key business skills.

Most organisations deal with disputes at some stage. Disputes and conflict are, after all, a part of life. It is thus useful to have training in dispute resolution techniques that better equip you to deal with these situations.

AMINZ is able to put together training that is tailored to the needs of your organisation. Using our past experience and our large database of trainers who are credentialed in dispute resolution, we can formulate a programme that meets the specific requirements of your organisation in terms of cost, location and importantly content.

Our clients include:
Inland Revenue Department
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Our training includes:
Building Bridges: Approaching Challenging Conversations
How to Communicate Well and Consult Properly
Emotion: How to Deal with it in Negotiations
Conduct Safe Employment Negotiations

Contact us now and talk to us about how we can tailor training to meet your needs.