Fellow Membership

This category of membership is the Institute's highest credentialed status.

Applicants for Fellowship must be able to show for admission as a Fellow that:

(a) he or she is a fit and proper person; and

(b) he or she is a person who, by virtue of his or her training and/or experience and his or her personal qualities, demonstrates competence at the date of admission to act as an arbitrator or as a mediator (as the case may be).

The prescribed standard is attained by:

  1. passing the Institute's Fellowship Examination and Fellowship Final Test or
  2. by waiver in whole or part ( click here to download application form by waiver.)

The Fellowship Programme consists of:

  1. an interview;
  2. a one-day seminar;
  3. one three hour written examination on dispute resolution (arbitration or mediation);
  4. one three hour examination on awards (arbitration) or agreements (mediation) and
  5. a one-day practical examination (final Fellowship test).

The Fellowship programme is held annually. To register for the Fellowship programme, please click here.

Fellowship provides the following benefits:

  • Access to the members' only part of the website
  • Listing on the AMINZ website
  • Training, seminars and conferences at members' discounted rates
  • Networking opportunities
  • Regular emails and notices to keep updated on matters of interest to dispute resolution professionals
  • Bi-monthly newsletter
  • Commercial benefits including discounts on relevant texts, corporate Koru Club membership and discounted professional indemnity insurance
  • Use of the designatory letters "FAMINZ (Arb)", "FAMINZ (Med)" or "FAMINZ (Arb / Med)"
  • Recognition of the Institute's highest qualified credentials
  • Use of the AMINZ logo pursuant to the logo protocol
  • Ability to apply to be on the AMINZ panels and lists
  • Reciprocity rights with the Chartered Institute for AMINZ Fellows in Arbitration.
  • Invitation to Fellow only events.

The annual fee for Fellows is $655.00.

To apply for Fellowship, click here.