About Dispute Resolution Appointments

AMINZ makes appointments of expert dispute resolvers.

The benefits of having AMINZ make an appointment of a dispute professional are:

  • An impartial and independent appointment.
  • You are assured of an experienced, trained and credentialed dispute resolution professional who must undergo continuing professional development.
  • We will make an appropriate appointment.
  • Appointments are made quickly - usually within two working days.
  • All AMINZ appointees must abide by ethical and professional standards. See the AMINZ Code of Ethics.

Appointments include:

  • Mediator, adjudicator, arbitrator, conciliator, investigators or expert determiner for a range of disputes.
  • Appointments made by the President or by AMINZ generally
  • Appointments made pursuant to a prior agreement.The agreement may be a standard Sharemilking Agreement for example.
  • AMINZ is named in over 50 pieces of legislation. So for example we appoint adjudicators pursuant to the Construction Contracts Act.

If an agreement states that an appointment can be made by AMINZ, legislation requires AMINZ to appoint or the parties to a dispute wish us to make an appointment, please contact us.

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