Request a Dispute Resolution Professional

AMINZ makes appointments of dispute resolvers

AMINZ operates various lists of expert dispute resolvers. Click HERE to view the AMINZ lists.

If you have an agreement which refers to AMINZ, or legislation refers to AMINZ or the parties to a dispute wish us to make an appointment, please contact us. It is helpful if you can supply the following information:

  1. Names and contact details of the parties involved in the dispute.
  2. Documentation relating to the dispute, including a copy of the agreement with the dispute resolution clause.
  3. A brief background to the dispute including any relevant documents.
  4. If there are pre-conditions to be met prior to an appointment being made, (eg that the parties must have negotiated a settlement in good faith), please explain how these pre-conditions have been met.
  5. Any requests the parties may have for the appointment, eg the appointment of someone geographically close.

Forward the above information and a $500 appointment fee. You are able to pay by:

  • Supplying credit card details;
  • Direct credit - BNZ Account No. 02 0568 0419074 00. Note your name as a detail when making payment;
  • Cheque

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