Panels and Lists

Panels and Lists: Where the public finds experienced and qualified dispute resolvers

AMINZ operates a series of panels and lists in specialist areas of dispute resolution so that selection and nominations of an appropriate dispute resolution professional are easy. Members must apply for admission to panels and lists. Panel and list members must be Associates or Fellows of the Institute and must have extensive knowledge and experience in the area of the panel.

The AMINZ Panels and Lists are:

  • Mediation Panel
  • Arbitration Panel
  • Adjudication List
  • National Panel of Conciliators
  • Environmental List
  • Rural Dispute Resolution List
  • EQC Mediation Panel
  • Family Dispute Resolution List
  • Intellectual Property List
  • Family Law Arbitration List

Panels and lists: making selection of a professional easier

To view the criteria for admission, please click on the appropriate panel or list below:

The annual fee for a panel or list members is $886. (This includes the Associate or Fellow membership fee)