AMINZ Committees

Members of the Institute are appointed by Council to various Committees to assist with the business of the Institute. These Committees are:

Membership Admission Assessors; Fellowship Admission Assessors; Panel Admission Assessors; Education and Qualficications Committee; CPD Assessors; Complaints Committee; Disciplinary Tribunal; Fellowship Programme; Other appointments

Membership Admission Assessors

We aim to ensure that the public can have confidence in our members. One of the ways we do this is through our admission process.

Membership Admission Assessors interview applicants for membership, and their referees, to ascertain that the applicant is a fit and proper person for admission as a member of AMINZ. The assessor also ascertains that a prospective member understands what AMINZ does and what it provides to members.

Fellowship Admission Assessors

Fellows are the most senior members of AMINZ and have reached the highest level of qualification that AMINZ offers. To ensure that the public can have complete confidence in our Fellow members we have a rigorous process for entry into the qualification of Fellow.

Applicants for Fellow status are interviewed before they commence study for Fellowship to ascertain both their readiness and suitability for Fellowship.

Applicants are required to pass rigorous examinations and other testing. A further interview is then required as a final check as to suitability.

Panel Admission Assessors

All AMINZ panel and list members are assessed by application and interview for both qualification and suitability before being admitted to any of our panels or lists.

Education and Qualifications Committee

The purpose and responsibilities of the Education and Qualifications Committee is to recommend to Council: educational and qualification standards, appropriate structures for AMINZ qualifications, accreditation standards for entry onto panels and list, education courses and programmes and to monitor and benchmark educational programmes of both AMINZ and other providers, standards for AMINZ qualifications for membership categories and CPD standards.

CPD Assessors

All Fellows and panel and list members are required to fulfill the Institutes annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. CPD assessors assess the CPD submissions made by members and issue annual CPD certificates to those members who have met the requirements.

Complaints Committee

When a complaint against a member of the Institute is received by the complaints officer, it is investigated by the Complaints Committee who determine whether there are sufficient grounds for a charge of professional misconduct against the member.

Disciplinary Tribunal

In the event that it is determined that there are grounds for a charge of professional misconduct against a member of the Institute, the Disciplinary Tribunal will hear the evidence against the member, and hear that members response. If the Tribunal finds that such a charge is proven, then it may impose a range of penalties upon the member.

Fellowship Programme
The Institute is committed to maintaining the quality of our Fellowship programme. The Fellowship Programme committee manages the programme content for each years examination and testing.

Other Appointments:

Chair of Panels
Chair of Industry Lists Vice-President
Nominations Officer (CCA) Executive Director
Complaints Officer Terry Sissons