The Institute deals with complaints against its members

What we can do

  • Provide you with information about our complaints process
  • Provide you with information about the obligations AMINZ members are required to adhere to
  • Investigate complaints against members
  • Discipline members when they are found to have breached their obligations

What we can't do

  • Investigate complaints about non-members
  • Discipline non-members
  • Change the outcome of a mediation, arbitration or other dispute resolution process
  • Delve into what happened in a confidential dispute resolution process, unless all parties waive confidentiality

The process for complaints

The Institute investigates only complaints against its members, and others who agree to abide by its Rules and Code of Ethics.  Any complaint must fall within the scope of professional misconduct under the Institute's Rules.

You should note that the parties to an arbitration have certain rights under the Arbitration Act 1996 and you may wish to seek legal advice about that for any matters that may not be covered by the Institute's disciplinary procedures.

  1. AMINZ members are bound by the Institute's Code of Ethics and Rules.
  2. Complaints must be in writing.
  3. In the first instance, preliminary enquiries are made by the Complaints Officer.
  4. If the Complaints Officer determines that the complaint falls within the definition of professional misconduct, you may be required to sign and return an authorisation and waiver of confidentiality. The waiver of confidentiality may include the consent of any other party or parties to the proceedings being complained about.
  5. The complaint is then forwarded to the Complaints Committee. It will investigate the complaint, including seeking further information if required and making enquiries with the member concerned.
  6. The Complaints Committee can deal with the complaint or if it is serious enough, charges will be laid by the Institute against the member and a Disciplinary Tribunal will hear and determine the charges.
  7. The sanctions for a member who is found to have breached his or her obligations include publication, fines, suspension and expulsion from the Institute.

If you need more information or think you have a complaint

Please contact the AMINZ office

To view the Institute's Rules, click HERE.

To view the Institute's Code of Ethics, click HERE