Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's about Dispute Resolution

Can you force a party to go to mediation?
Mediation is a consensual and voluntary process. Please click HERE for more information about mediation.

Can you tell me if I need to employ an ADR Practitioner for my dispute?
AMINZ cannot dispense any legal advice regarding specific disputes. You should seek legal advice, if you need it. However AMINZ can assist you with finding an ADR Practitioner, who is right for you and your dispute if you have decided that mediation, arbitration or some other form of dispute resolution is the best course of action for you.

How much does dispute resolution cost?
Alternative Dispute Resolution processes are usually a very cost effective way of resolving disputes. The costs are often a fraction of court fees. The fees and expenses vary for individual ADR practitioners. These costs should be discussed with the practitioner directly.

I want to put a clause in my contract for AMINZ to appoint an ADR Practitioner.
Please click HERE to view and use the AMINZ model clauses.

How do I request an appointment of an ADR Practitioner?
Please click HERE for more information about appointments.

FAQ's about Membership

I'm interested in training. Can you tell me what kind training you offer?

AMINZ offers a variety of training events throughout the year. Please check our calendar frequently for updated events. For specific questions, please contact the Membership Officer.

Note that we have the AMINZ Mediation Skills Intensive which is an intesive mediation training.

How do I become an Associate member of AMINZ?
We recognise a variety of courses, including our own Arbitration Skills Intensive and Mediation Skills Intensive. A mix of of both experience and / or training can fulfill the syllabus requirements.

To get our advice on what's best for you, click HERE

How do I find a member?
Please click HERE for view a list of our members who have agreed to a public listing.

How do I lodge a complaint against a member?
For more information about the AMINZ complaints process, please click HERE. To lodge a complaint, please contact the Complaints Officer.