AMINZ and Appointments

AMINZ and Appointments

The Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ), a not-for-profit organisation, is the largest professional organisation for dispute resolution professionals in NZ. It has been providing a nominations service under the Constructions Contracts Act since 2003 and is the longest established organisation providing an independent, highly professional, fast and efficient service with an unrivalled list of adjudicators available.

We Offer:

  • An independent service. AMINZ selections are based on a process that is free of bias or conflict of interest. It is objective and based on the details provided by the claimant.
  • A fast response to your request, an expeditious nomination and we insist that our adjudicators are immediately available in order to accept a nomination and adjudicate the dispute.
  • Our Nominations Officer, Deborah Hart has legal training and is backed up by a panel of highly respected experts who act as advisers: Derek Firth, David Carden and Sherwyn Williams.
  • We have a no fuss, easy application that can be completed quickly and simply , completed and faxed to us using this .Pdf file and fax or post it to AMINZ.
  • The largest list of highly skilled adjudicators throughout New Zealand for all kinds of construction and building disputes. This means that we can select an adjudicatorwho is more likely to be skilled to deal with your dispute.
  • The more complex and higher the risk the more senior (as we understand it) the nominated adjudicator will be.
  • Adjudicators will be selected to meet the requirements of your dispute.

How Appointments are Made

We will start the nominations process when we are in receipt of:

If you provide an email address, you will receive an email advising we are in receipt of your documents.

We will contact you if there is any issue with your documentation.

The Nominations Officer will consider the case as outlined in the documents. If necessary, advice will be sought from one or more of our advisers.

A search will be undertaken from our list of adjudicators using the following criteria to ensure you obtain a suitable nominee:

    1. The amount of money at stake.
    2. The issues arising including the number of issues and their apparent complexity.
    3. Whether a charging order is involved.
    4. Whether lawyers are involved.
    5. Whether time related costs are sought.
    6. Whether liquidated damages are sought.
    7. Whether unforseen physical conditions are involved.
    8. The experience of the nominee considered having regard to the application for admission to the list, the detail of CPD information supplied and the extent to which this refers to construction contracts matters, and further on going information and surveillance that the AMINZ Council seeks.
    9. Any expressed wishes of the claimant if there is an accompanying agreement from the respondent.
    10. Geographical location. It is preferable, but not obligatory, to have an adjudicator located close to the site in question or the business or residential addresses of the parties. It may, however, be better to have an adjudicator of experience for a large or complex claim even if more remote, than an adjudicator just for proximity.
    11. If possible, a reasonable spread of nominations between list members of a comparable seniority. The overriding criteria however is to ensure the appropriate nominee is selected.
AMINZ will contact nominees prior to appointment to establish that they are available to adjudicate promptly and to make preliminary investigations as to whether they could have a conflict of interest.

Once it is established that the nominee is available and is not conflicted, the Nominations Officer will make the appointment. The documents will be faxed if possible and posted to the parties and the nominated adjudicator.

T iming

AMINZ believes it is more important to ensure the right nomination sometimes this takes some time. However we aim to have appointments finalised within 3 working days and often they are achieved within 1 working day.

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