AMINZ Adjudicators

AMINZ Adjudicators


AMINZ operates the largest list of highly skilled adjudicators throughout New Zealand  for all kinds of construction and building disputes.  This means that we can select an adjudicator that is more likely to be skilled to deal with your dispute.


All adjudicators have a significant amount of training and skill in adjudication.  Many are multi skilled including specialities in building, quantity surveying, architecture, building, construction  and engineering.  View the AMINZ List of Adjudicators.   


Our adjudicators are located throughout New Zealand so we can often make an appointment of someone who is geographically close to you.


To remain on the AMINZ list of adjudicators all adjudicators are required to comply with the Institute’s Continuing Professional Development Programme.  Each adjudicator must comply with the AMINZ Code of Ethics.


AMINZ will soon require all adjudicators to submit themselves to peer review which will be another way in which we can assure parties of a quality nomination.  In the meantime many adjudicators use the collegial nature of the Institute to ensure they are making good decisions.


So You Want to be an Adjudicator?

Please contact our Membership Services consultant to receive application forms.