• Mar
  • 23
  • 2012

A PRACTICAL WORKSHOP FOR MEDIATORS AND NEGOTIATORS: Effectively Deal with Emotion in Employment, Family and Other Relationship Disputes

A Practical Workshop for Mediators and Negotiators:
Effectively Deal with Emotion in Employment, Family
and Other Relationship Disputes
With Professor Phillip Green
FAMINZ (Med/Arb) and Nicola Hartfield AAMINZ

Christchurch 23 March
Hamilton 27 March
Wellington 29 March

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Managing emotion in negotiations and mediations can be key to achieving resolution. No more is this so than in the employment, family and relationship arenas. This workshop will focus on high emotion, giving you insight and practical tools to achieve better outcomes.

Each workshop is suitable for:

  • Mediators and negotiators working in employment, family and relationships.
  • Other professionals working in areas of dispute, conflict and high emotion such as Human Resource Managers, Practice Managers, Directors.

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Have a greater awareness about your own response to conflict situations
  • Increase your knowledge of the theory of emotion
  • Provide you with practical tools and ways of working with high emotion
  • To practice and improve the way you manage high emotion

The workshop will include:

  • Tools to assess and understand own emotional responses and those of others
  • Small group role playing
  • Theory of emotion to help you understand what may be happening to the participants and what options may be available to you
  • Course material

The workshops are strictly limited to a maximum number of participants in order for you to receive small group coaching and feedback.

Professor Phillip Green

Prof. Green is a Fellow of AMINZ, a member of the Panel of Mediators, AMINZ Director of Professional Studies and Adjunct Professor attached to the Dispute Resolution Centre at Massey University. He is co-author of Mediation: Principles, Process, Practice (2008) LexisNexis and has written numerous papers and lectures on aspects of mediation, including the management of emotion. In March 2010 he participated in a LexisNexis Webinar on Dealing with High Emotion in Conflict Situations. Prof. Green brings to the seminar his considerable experience in and knowledge of the theory and practice of managing high emotion in mediations.

Nicola Hartfield

Nicola's expertise in emotion and managing it in the context of relationships initially came from her role as a hospital based social worker. In her 6 years in this role, a part of her work involved assisting terminally ill children, adults and their families through the process of dying. Her work with families resulted in becoming a Specialist Report Writer for Child Youth and Family in 2001, working with victims and offenders to achieve restorative justice outcomes (2002-2007), a Care and Protection Resource Panel member (2003) and Chairperson (2005-2009).

In 2004 Nicola became the Clinical Leader for Hawkes Bay and Manawatu Relationship Services before starting in private practice as a mediator and dispute resolution consultant in 2005. Nicola has an extensive mediation practice centering on mediating in situations of high conflict, managing change and dealing with loss.

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