• Nov
  • 26
  • 2013

International Dispute Resolution Lecture with Prof Catherine Rogers

NZ Law Foundation International Arbitration Lecture.

Professor Catherine Rogers will give a  public lecture on “Procedural Arrangements as a Window into the Soul of International Arbitration Regimes: Arbitrator Selection, Transparency and Stakeholder Interests”

This presentation will consider how international arbitration in its various forms responds to three important procedural concerns:  1) arbitrator selection, appointment and challenge standards and procedures; 2) transparency; and 3) procedures affecting the interests of third-parties and non-party stakeholders.  

Catherine Rogers is a scholar of international arbitration and professional ethics. Her scholarship focuses on the convergence of the public and private in international adjudication, and on the reconceptualization of the attorney as a global actor. Professor Rogers has taught, lectured and published extensively on these topics around the world, including as an invited participant at two Stanford-Yale Junior Faculty Fora.

Her visit to New Zealand will also include sessions on Third Party Funding and her work with the ICC Palestine, a joint venture partner with the ICC Israel in creation of a new Jerusalem Arbitration Centre.  This initiative seeks to provide dispute resolution for commercial disputes arising out of the approximately $4B in annual trade between Palestinians and Israelis per annum.

Professor Catherine Rogers is Professor of Ethics, Regulation & the Rule of Law at Queen Mary, University of London and Professor of Law and International Affairs at Penn State Law in the United States.

Professor Rogers' visit is sponsored by the New Zealand Law Foundation

Date: Tuesday, 26 November 2013.
Time: 6:00pm
Venue: Stone Lecture Theatre at the University of Auckland Faculty of Law, 9 Eden Crescent, Auckland

Please RSVP to: lawevents@auckland.ac.nz