Warren Sowerby

Career Summary

Mediation Specialist
LLB (Otago), FAMINZ (Med)

·Recognised as a pre-eminent legal/commercial mediator.
· Consistently selected to facilitate the resolution of significant local, national and international disputes.
· Completed more than 2,000 commercial mediations involving participants from New Zealand and at times from the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, China, Singapore, Europe and Russia.
· “Has probably mediated more ‘high end’ and commercial disputes than anyone else in New Zealand, with experience across the widest range of commercial and related disputes”. – LawFuel.
· Trained in the United States.
· As one of the most influential law practitioners involved in the practice of mediation has played a major role in transforming the use and practice of commercial mediation within New Zealand.
· By invitation met and discussed the use of mediation in International Political Disputes with an Assistant Secretary General at the United Nations in New York.
· “Ranked number 1 of the Top Ten Mediators in New Zealand in 2016”. – LawFuel
· Admitted in 2016 as a Fellow of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand by waiver in recognition of his depth and experience in dispute resolution.
· Appointed as a SIMI certified mediator by endorsement of the Singapore International Mediation Centre.
· In 2011 received an award for the Most Creative use of ADR from LEADR New Zealand and in 2013 named Law Awards Mediator of the Year.