Lawrence Hill Barrister & Solicitor, Registered Valuer AAMINZ ANZIV MInstDir

Present Position

Principal, Themis Law

Professional Experience

Themis Law - Principal

Ministry of Justice – Land Valuation Tribunal Member

Ministry of Justice – Disputes Tribunal Member

Lawhub Limited – Special Counsel

Lexington Legal Limited – Special Counsel

Lincoln University - Senior Lecturer

Tower Trust Limited - National Trust Solicitor

Barrister and Solicitor

Registered Public Valuer

Career Summary

Barrister and Solicitor, Registered Valuer, Arbitrator, Farmer & Forester.


Tribunal Member - North Canterbury Land Valuation Tribunal, February 2008 – current. Appointed by the Governor General as a member of the North Canterbury Land Valuation Tribunal.

Referee - Disputes Tribunal, November 2006 - December 2009. Appointed by the Governor General to hold a warrant for the Disputes Tribunal, Christchurch.

Council Member - Lincoln University, January 2011 – June 2014, elected by the Academic Staff to the governing board of the University.

Personal Summary

My early life experiences have meant that I can respectfully empathise and relate to people of all walks of life and different cultures, and treat them with dignity and respect. In my professional life my clients have been wide-ranging and I am equally comfortable at the boardroom table or at the kitchen table in a client’s home. I consider that I am a friendly and pragmatic person who participates confidently and comfortably in a team environment whilst also being able to bring leadership and direction without unnecessary conflict.

As an academic at university I applied my ‘people skills’ to my teaching. My classes included students from China, South East Asia, Melanesia, South America, United States of America, Germany and, of course, New Zealanders from all over the country. I was always conscious of a student’s learning requirements and in this respect I strove to deliver often very complex legal principles as clearly and simply as possible.

My specialist area of legal practice has been in dispute resolution. However, this has been laid over an expertise business law, land rent, insurance law, valuation law, valuation practice and procedure, the compulsory acquisition of land, general property law, and acoustics. I am typically approached to provide pre-litigation assessment, advice, and alternative dispute resolution strategies for disputes. I am also asked to provide technical support for complex valuation and rent disputes. I also have an interest in acoustics where noise is considered a nuisance.

Understanding and establishing what desired outcomes might be is important to me when presented with a new problem. People see me as being logical and rigorous and will seek me out to sort through ‘clutter’ to find the best pathway to resolve often complex issues. I am conscious of the consequences and effects certain decisions have on people and their businesses. As such, and being cognisant of the big picture, I am aware of the importance of developing sound strategy when resolving problems.

Speciality Areas

Land rent, valuation law, valuation practice and procedure, the compulsory acquisition of land, business law, insurance law, general property law, and environmental acoustics.


Bachelor of Laws, The University of Waikato, conferred April 2000.

Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand, admitted High Court, Hamilton, May 2000.

Diploma in Business Studies (Disputes Resolution)(Arbitration), Massey University, conferred May 1997.

Bachelor of Commerce (Valuation and Property Management)(Rural and Urban),The University of Canterbury (Lincoln College), conferred April 1989.

Registered Valuer, by Valuers Registration Board, Wellington, July 1992.

EQC Mediation Profile

Providing counsel to many clients with earthquake related claims including supporting litigation in the Court of Appeal and High Court.