Denise Evans

Professional Experience

I believe in mediation as a problem solving/dispute resolution process. I am prepared to commit my energy and time to facilitating outcomes for people who are in dispute, to enable them to achieve resolution and the opportunity to move on with their lives.

Since completing the LEADR course in the early 1990?s I have been involved in  many mediations which have involved Employment, Commercial Property, Relationship Property, Protection of Personal and Property Rights, Children?s care and contact, Shareholder disputes, Trust and Estate matters. Most mediation has involved two parties but several have been multi party.  Most have resulted in settlement.

I have also been appointed by the Family Court initially as Counsel to assist under the Guardianship Act 1968 and latterly under the Care of Children Act to conduct family meetings/mediation. The highlight of these appointments was in respect of a multi party dispute which involved both non Maori and Maori family members. This mediation was conducted on a marae in Turangi which required me to work with the kawa of the marae as well as the usual mediation techniques. For this mediation I had the support of the Kaumatua from Ngati Toa in Porirua and also the Kaumatua of Tu Wharetoa in Turangi.

Career Summary

I have facilitated at a number of AGM and conferences. This has required the use of mediation techniques to ensure that the process allowed god decision making to occur.

I have continued my mediation training completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Dispute resolution through Massey University.   I am hopeful of completing my Masters in Business (Dispute Resolution) later this year.


I have been invited to join the faculty at Massey University undertaking the mediation practicum for students in the undergraduate and post graduate mediation courses and have presented at a number of conferences and training workshops for new mediators.  I am part of the faculty for the NZLS/CLE Massey University Mediation for Lawyers.


I am a Fellow of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand and am also a Panel Member.