Caroline Hickman

Present Position


Professional Experience

I have worked in Family Law since 1992. Over the years, I facilitated successful resolution-focused meetings for clients and as lawyer for the child. I was appointed as a Lawyer for child in 2001; Youth Advocate in 2007 and Counsel for the Subject Person in 2015.

I practised as a court appointed mediator (as counsel to assist) in the early Family Court EIP scheme and later completed my formal training with LEADR in 2009. I was admitted to the LEADR Panel of Mediators in 2010.

I have been a Mediator with Fairway Resolution since 2014. I also provide Relationship Property mediations in a private capacity.

Mediation allows the parties to explore legal and non-legal issues hindering resolution and helps them reach their own more durable solutions to disputes. I bring respect, empathy, integrity and empowerment and feel privileged to be part of the mediation process.