Barbara McCulloch

Present Position

Director of Around the Table Solutionz Ltd

Career Summary

Barbara has been a practising mediator, coach and trainer since 1986 and started her own conflict resolution practice in 2013. Building on a background in education, social work and family therapy Barbara has undertaken extensive training in facilitative and narrative mediation and restorative practice and uses these techniques in her work. She has participated in numerous Master Classes eg with John Haynes, Bernie Mayer, Robert Benjamin, Nina Meierding and John Wade.

As a mediator, Barbara practises her narrative-facilitative style with families, in workplaces and in communities.

Barbara works with families to make decisions about elder care, care of children when parents separate, the division of family assets and resolving disputes about wills and inheritances. In 2014 Barbara was nominated by NBR as one of their “top ten family mediators”. Barbara provides a Violence Free Families coaching programme to clients.

In workplace disputes, Barbara works in both coaching and mediating roles. She has experience in working with conflict between senior managers, company directors, disputes between staff members and between staff and management. Barbara has worked as a management-leadership coach with a variety of people at different levels of organisations. She has completed the Boss Whispering training with Laura Crawshaw (2012) and has worked with people in leadership roles to behave in less abrasive ways. Because she has a great deal of experience in working with emotionally complex matters Barbara also accepts referrals to enquire into allegations of workplace bullying and harassment and conducts her enquiries in a way that leaves the door open for restorative processes to be used. She advised organisations on developing Policy, protocols and practices that work and that encourage staff buy-in and commitment.

In community settings, Barbara has worked with schools, neighbours, community groups and with NGO’s and local and national government groups.

Barbara is accredited as a Fellow of the Resolution Institute and an Associate of AMINZ. She is an FDR Provider who provides clinical Supervision and is an accredited Conflict Management Coach. She has experience in working individually or with other professionals who work collaboratively to provide “wrap around services” when needed.

Barbara designs and delivers highly evaluated training programmes including follow-up coaching and mentoring of participants. In 2012 she designed and delivered a Peer Mediation Training programme which was awarded a staff excellence prize at the University of Auckland. Barbara is a current member of the Citizens Advice Bureau NZ where she provides coaching and training and project management. In 2015 she designed and delivered a skills based programme for students who wished to volunteer for charitable agencies which was very well evaluated.