Christina Tay

Career Summary

Ko Matawhaura te māunga;
Ko Rotoiti te roto;
Ko Te Arawa te waka;
Ko Te Arawa tōku iwi;
Ko Ngati Pikiao tōku hapū;
Ko Te Takinga tōku marae;
Ko Raimapaha Whakatau tōku māmā;
Ko Ngee Hwee Tay tōku pāpā;
Ko Christina Mārie Tay ahau

Christina Mārie Tay holds a masters in mediation and conflict resolution from Strathclyde University in the UK. Prior to this Christina gained accreditation as a restorative justice facilitator. She is a member of the NZ Media Council which adjudicates on complaints against the media. Christina has a background of working in the projects and programmes environment within the public sector, along with 14 years working in the banking industry. Her restorative justice work has been published in Scottish Justice Matters, and she has also been published in an international mediation and arbitration journal. Christina was the recipient of the 2018 AMINZ - AUT Young Arbitration Practitioner Scholarship and the 2019 New Zealand Law Foundation Young Practitioner Scholarship. Christina was also successful in a study award towards a Master in Peace and Conflict Studies through Otago University.