Barry Jordan

Present Position

Commercial Mediator

Professional Experience

Barry Jordan is a respected commercial and financial specialist who has operated at the highest levels with public and private sector organisations. He has worked at the coalface of commercial disputes and contested matters for over 25 years. His notable forensic and litigation experience means he is uniquely placed to help resolve your commercial dispute.

Career Summary

With a background as a forensic accountant, insolvency specialist and commercial negotiator, Barry has the hands on experience to help you reach effective solutions to seemingly intractable positions. He knows where to look to find clarity, the unusual detail and the significant patterns, guiding parties to a solution where everyone is in a better position than when they walked into the room.

His commercial expertise is supported by a controlled, yet facilitated approach to help parties come to a resolution. He is empathetic and composed, yet persistent and responsive, narrowing issues swiftly and articulating them clearly.

It all adds up to a balance of specialised commercial experience and an agile, pragmatic approach. Barry’s distinct and highly effective formula will help you arrive at a pragmatic, interests based settlement.


MPI Authorised Farm Debt Mediator

Personal Summary

You may know Barry as a forensic accountant, expert witness in litigation or courtroom disputes, or in the context of leading insolvency administrations and fraud investigations.

What you may not know is that in 2010 Barry qualified as an accredited mediator with LEADR (now Resolution Institute). He identified the immense value that mediators bring to resolving complex commercial disputes in a very private and pragmatic manner. He also saw how an impartial mediator, with great people and negotiation skills, was effectively able to resolve seemingly entrenched positions.

Barry has learned from very experienced and talented mediators, both in New Zealand and in the USA. He trained at Pepperdine University’s Law faculty working closely with overseas experts.

In 2018 Barry retired from the Deloitte New Zealand partnership to practice as a full time commercial mediator. His qualifications and 25 years of experience as a forensic accountant, insolvency specialist and commercial negotiator makes him uniquely placed to assist in resolving your dispute.


Speciality Areas

Building and construction

Construction disputes including construction agreements, the Construction Contracts Act, weather tightness disputes and product liability.

Company and shareholder disputes

Disputes relating to the operation and governance of companies, including shareholder disputes and directors’ duties issues

Commercial property and leases

Disputes relating to ownership and use of commercial property.

Competition and fair trading

Issues arising under the Commerce Act concerning the regulation of competition between entities and under the Fair Trading Act / Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act, for misleading and deceptive conduct, false and misleading representations and unfair contract terms.

Commercial and contract disputes

All types of commercial disputes involving individuals, partnerships, trusts and companies, whether based in contract or tort.


Disputes between employers and senior employees, involving matters in the Employment Court and the Employment Relations Authority.


Cases involving or arising from situations involving the liquidation, voluntary administration or receivership of companies (or bankruptcy of individuals), including matters raised with secured and unsecured creditors, receivers, liquidators and third parties such as insurers or regulators.


Working with insurers, brokers, the insured and related parties in a wide variety of disputes concerning the interpretation of insurance contracts, as well as determining liability and quantum under those contracts.

Relationship and family property

Assisting parties with the financial and quantum aspects of relationship property and closely held family business disputes.


Disputes concerning trusts, such as those relating to the obligations of trustees, and relationships between trustees and beneficiaries.


  • Chartered Accountant (“CAANZ”)
  • Accredited Mediator with the Resolution Institute (previously LEADR)
  • Association of Mediators & Arbitrators of New Zealand (“AMINZ”)
  • Accredited Insolvency Practitioner (“RITANZ”)
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (“CFE”)