Senta Knapp

Present Position

First Call Resolution

Professional Experience

Senta provides specialist conflict resolution support to individuals, families, couples and communities in crisis. Her company, First Call Resolution, is based in Howick, Auckland. As a facilitator, mediator, advocate, educator, counsellor and conflict coach her vision is to reduce the emotional, financial and social cots of resolving conflict.

After a successful career as a Business Strategist in the Advertising Industry, she started her formal preparation to work in the conflict resolution sector by completing a Foundation Course in Psychosynthesis, followed by a four-year diploma in the Consciousness Sciences and further training in the Harvard Programme of Negotiation as well as Process Therapy. She remains an active member of a Conflict Resolution Group for Professionals based on the principles of Process Therapy and is an AMINZ Associate and a registered FDR Mediator.

Over the last fifteen years, she has supported many couples and individuals through the inner and outer transitions of the separation process, co-parenting and blended family challenges. She has also facilitated Parenting through Separation workshops and provided conflict resolution and mediation training. Senta has specialist expertise in Crisis Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Addiction, Elder Support, Spiritual Conflict and Employment Advocacy.

As a mature professional, she works with consideration and compassion to ensure the best outcome possible for all concerned.

Career Summary

2013 Launched First Call Resolution

2007 - 2013 Worked in private practice and as a contractor for:-

Ministry of Social Development as a Domestic Violence Counsellor (Since 2007) Ministry of Health in Crisis Mental Health (Since 2013) Conflict Management New Zealand as an Affiliate (2010 - 2012)

2003 - 2007 Went into partnership with a lawyer and launched Conflict Change Ltd, a company specialising in facilitating separation agreements.

1994 -1998 Worked in the media and market research industry for CM Research and Market Pulse International

1987-1994 Worked in the advertising industry as a Business and Marketing Strategist for Darcy Masius Benton & Bowles and Eurospace Africa.


Visionary Pictograms, published 2020.

Speciality Areas

Domestic Violence, Blended Families, Separation Agreements, Parenting Plans, Relationship Property, Inheritance Disputes, Mental Health, Inner Conflict, Spiritual Conflict