Rodger Wilson AAMINZ (FDR)

Present Position

Mediator-Family Dispute Resolution

Professional Experience


The introduction of the Family Dispute Resolution process, prior to Family Court intervention is a practice model I firmly believe in. I have had long involvement dealing with and mediating in the lives of families, both at a statutory level and in a less interventionist way.

Recent changes within the Family Court system has empowered the family, by allowing them to make decisions for themselves, before entering the Family Court system; this is a positive step.

I am committed to assisting families reach a mutually acceptable resolution, with each person involved in interfamilial disputes, the chance to be heard and progress through historical difficulties, despite what may be seen as insurmountable barriers.

Career Summary

My career in social work began in the early 1980s as a statutory Children and Families Social Worker, moving on, after qualifying, to Family Group Conference Coordinator, and Practice Consultant. I later worked in the UK for 12 years, managing Childrens Services for Local Authorities in Wales and Scotland.

In the last 30+ years, when I have worked with families, every attempt has been made to achieve the best resolutions and outcomes possible, with other professionals where that is required, for the children/young persons, parents/caregivers, and their family/whanau.

As a Social Worker, Care & Protection Coordinator and Practice Consultant, mediating was an integral part of my daily work; working with individuals, couples, children and young persons, family/whanau, caregivers, other professionals; mostly working in difficult, complex and multifaceted situations. This mediation environment often involved convening and facilitating family group conferences, family/whanau meetings, caregiver, community group and professional meetings. The many issues involved will have included guardianship, custody, access-supervised access, alternate care, blended families, adoption-adoption breakdown, reuniting families following closed adoption, abuse, mental illness, alcohol/drug dependency, anger management, conflict resolution, family disputes, family-domestic violence, incarceration and child injury/death reviews.

In a management role in the UK, mediation continued with additional responsibilities including Looked after Children, Childrens Homes, Secure Residences, Children with Disabilities, Educational Institutions and Youth Justice.

Speciality Areas

  • Generic mediation between individuals, couples and family/whanau where issues and concerns impact on family relationships
  • Mediating with separating/separated parents and family/whanau to arrange mutually acceptable parenting plans for their children
  • Mediating Permanence Plans for children/young people-including blended families and children with disabilities
  • Mediating Permanence Plans for family/whanau as guardians/caregivers
  • Mediating Permanence Plans following adoption/guardianship breakdown
  • Mediating with families reuniting after closed adoptions
  • Mediating access for non-custodial parents/family-whanau-including supervised access and access where one/both parent or other family member is in prison or other institution