Ben Vanderkolk

Present Position

Lawyer / Arbitrator / Mediator, BVA | The Practice, Palmerston North

Professional Experience

With over three decades of litigation, prosecution and dispute resolution experience, Ben has been regarded by his peers as highly skilled, impartial and independent.

He has conducted in excess of 500 defended trials in Crown, civil, private, commercial, and regulatory sectors in High Courts, District Courts, and Tribunals - involving complex legal, factual, and forensic issues.

Ben has instructed, briefed, examined in chief, or cross-examined expert witnesses in more than 40 distinct areas of expertise. He has also participated in many civil commercial negotiations, dispute resolutions and mediations - involving multiple parties and witnesses.

Ben has served on the NZLA Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal and is recognised by AMINZ in Panel Appointments and Panel Lists.

Personal Summary

Ben is an active and lateral thinker, approaching each case with the aim of bettering the position of a client beyond what they could have achieved for themselves. With a reputable history of practising law, Ben is a devoted lawyer who makes clients feel at ease with him by their side.

Beyond the law, Ben’s interest in the community, the region and his Netherlands heritage has led him to undertake governance roles. Ben searches to develop ways to realise and capitalise on the potential of others. He wants everyone to make a valuable contribution to community, regional and national wellbeing and progress. This contribution reflects Ben’s role as a recruiter and mentor of legal talent, having attracted top class lawyers to the practice and the city for three decades.

Speciality Areas

Employment disputes, company and commercial issues, trusts and estates disputes, insurance claims, property disputes, and resource management issues.


Bachelor of Laws (LL.B), University of Canterbury, 1982

Admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of NZ, December 1982