Ben Nettleton

Present Position

Lawyer / Mediator / Company Director

Professional Experience

Ben is an experienced commercial lawyer and company director. Ben commenced his professional career working for a high profile barrister, before shifting focus to commercial and rural law with a well-established firm, where he remains a consultant lawyer.

Ben also has significant experience serving on the boards of a range of entities particularly those involved in the primary sector.

Personal Summary

I have diverse experience in mediation as counsel, mediator and on occasion participant, I have been fortunate to have worked with many excellent mediators which have influenced and informed my practice.

I am a firm believer in the idea that "no agreement should be made before its time". The work leading to a mediation can be every bit as important as the mediation itself, influencing the ultimate outcome. I therefore encourage good preparation and like to work collaboratively with all parties from the outset in an engaged manner to assist in reaching a desirable result.

Speciality Areas

Farm Debt Mediation

I am an experienced Commercial / Rural Lawyer and Company Director

I have diverse experience in mediation and alternative dispute resolution as counsel, adjudicator, mediator and on occasion participant. The work leading to mediation can be every bit as important as the mediation itself, therefore I encourage early engagement and good preparation, working collaboratively with all parties from the outset to assist in reaching a desirable result.

I have personal interests in a 600 cow dairy farm, with longstanding family farming connections and strong empathy with the primary sector.

In my governance work I served on the board of one of the largest New Zealand owned forestry company’s, as well as appointment to a farm in the North Island through Guardian Trust, and two terms of the board of New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing. I am also currently a director of a specialist rural corporate advisory and investment management company.

Ben holds qualifications in the below primary sector economics and financial areas:

  • Implications of trading in global commodity markets
  • Role of primary and secondary creditors in farm operations
  • Land holding and business arrangements, eg family trust, corporate farmers, Maori land, lairage, sharemilking and cross loans
  • Farm financial and business planning tools
  • Role of cooperative structures and arrangements
  • Tax arrangements and obligations
  • Knowledge of insolvency processes including receiverships, and succession planning
Other Speciality Areas

    Commercial/Business/Company Disputes, Rural, Forestry, Education and Sport.


    Bachelor of Laws (Otago)

    Bachelor of Commerce (Otago)

    Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand

    Chartered Member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors

    Associate Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand