Kate Lash

Present Position


Professional Experience

Kate is a highly qualified and experienced lawyer and mediator. She is an accredited member of AMINZ and a FDR (Family Dispute Resolution) provider.

Kate mediates in a variety of areas such as civil matters, employment, FDR and general family matters including relationship property. She is also a child inclusion specialist as she is trained and experienced in meeting with children and presenting their views.

Kate has practiced as a lawyer specialising in family litigation since 2004. Within that role she was also accredited as a Lawyer for Child and as such represented and advocated for children in a variety of family court matters. Kate’s practice had a particular focus on family violence and promoting the best interests, welfare and voice of the child. She has a close working relationship with Womens Refuges and other community organisations. Kate has also studied children’s issues and advocacy at a post graduate level obtaining a Post Graduate certificate in Children’s Issues from Massey University.

Kate has previously taught legal graduates in their professionals course as required to be admitted to the bar. She taught all aspects of the course including mediation, negotiation and advocacy. Alongside her mediation, Kate also currently adjudicates.

Speciality Areas

Having been involved in litigation for over 13 years, Kate is a firm advocate of alternative dispute resolution models, in particular mediation. Mediation has a proven track record of being a realistic, practical, commercial and enduring way of dealing with disputes. Because the parties have an informed and considered input into their agreements, they are often more meaningful, and as a result more enduring, than court-imposed solutions. It is quicker, more cost effective and confidential. Kate has mediated many disputes that have been transformed by the process and allowed for relationships to be repaired and at times rebuilt. Kate is experienced in empowering parties to ultimately determine what is important to them and build the most enduring solution for their own situation.

Kate is flexible to the needs of the parties and is able to conduct joint and individual meetings in a variety of locations and either in person or by internet connection.


L.L.B, P.Grad.C.I., AAMINZ



027 414 0899

Kate works in the wider Wellington region including Kapiti, the Wairarapa, the Hutt Valley & Porirua.