Catheryn Faid

Present Position

Independant EQ Consultant

Career Summary

A diverse career prior to 7 years of Earthquake resolution work, a Radiotherapist for 10 years, Natural Health Practitioner, Property Manager and Project Manager, credit controller for an international NZ based company.

I have worked in challenging environments, and have the ability to remain calm and centred in the midst of chaos. I enjoy negotiation, facilitating meetings and mediation, whether it be negotiation of a deal or resolving an issue that requires a solution.

Speciality Areas

Earthquake dispute.Property and Tenancy disputes. Residential building and disputes in building or contracts. Insurance disputes. Negotiation, facilitating or mediating a dispute to resolution.


GradDipBusStudies (Dispute Resolution) Legal studies insurance, employment. Dip Rad Tech.

EQC Mediation Profile

I have successfully resolved Earthquake claims across all property sectors: domestic, commercial, and multi unit body corps, The situations are many, I have facilitated large groups of body corp members to a resolution. I have strong skills in identifying the issues, constructive problem solving to enable a claim to move forward in a timely manner. I have mediated resolutions but also been involved in mediation and Judicial settlement conferences.

I look forward to assisting in resolving your dispute, using mediation or a facilitation process that provides you with a voice for your concerns. Mediation allows time for both parties to state their case, but also time to listen to the other party. Time to consider the views of the parties around the table, identify the issues, a time when questions that have been unanswered - are answered.

Importantly, feel like you have been heard and enable you to work in a supportive environment towards a solution or outcome that allows you to move on with your life.

I look forward to working with you - phone Catheryn on 027 2244953.