Robert Murfitt

Professional Experience

Law practitioner in Christchurch from 1973 until 2004
  • Partner in small general practises from 1975 until 1996
  • Barrister at Riverlands Chambers (specialising in Family Dispute Negotiation and litigation)
  • from 1996 until 2004.
  • Trained as a mediator in an intensive University Extension Studies course with Jane Chart
  • Operated as a mediator in the Christchurch the pilot of counsel-led mediation
  • Frequently engaged as a lawyer to represent children in disputes relating to children

District Court judge in Taranaki and Christchurch from 2004 until 2019

  • Emphasis on Family Court and Youth Court jurisdictions

Personal Summary

Married with 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren, some of whom live in Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand, my wife Denise and I have an interest in travel. I am presently learning Spanish, and have some working familiarity with te Reo, as well as German.

I have an interest in writing, children’s books and adult nonfiction.

Otherwise, concert halls, theatres, golf courses, ski-fields and mountain tracks are places where I find exercise and peace.


  • Associate Member of AMINZ
  • Approved FDR provider
  • Member of the Mediation Panel
  • Member of the Family Law Arbitration Panel