Karen Allsop

Present Position

Mediator | Counsellor | Facilitator | Coach

Professional Experience

Karen is an experienced counsellor, coach, facilitator and mediator who has worked with individuals, couples and groups for 15+ years.

Karen has a firm belief that when separation is carried out in a supportive and co-operative manner then children will thrive in the separated parent environment. She is passionate about enabling parents to develop the skills and strategies that will enable them to create more respectful, rewarding and satisfying relationships for themselves and their children.

Through the power of mediation, Karen’s aim is to help families find workable parenting solutions that will provide for the welfare and best interests of the children involved.

Karen delivers the Parenting Through Separation programme for Barnardos and Plunket, and has worked with hundreds of parents navigating their way through the separation process.

In addition to her counselling qualification, Karen has a Bachelor of Business Studies, Diploma in Group Facilitation & Leadership and is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution provider, contracting with Fairway Resolution Ltd. Karen worked for many years as an organisational facilitator, mediator and coach.

For more information: www.movingthroughseparation.co.nz