Fiona Buchan-Ng

Present Position

Mediator, Ministry of Building Innovation and Employment

Professional Experience

  • Registered Nurse, Paediatric Nurse and Midwife (retired)
  • Restorative Justice facilitator since 2000
  • Department of Labour facilitator 2004 to 2008
  • Department of Building and Housing mediator from 2008 to2015
  • Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment 2015 to present
  • Mediator with Community Mediation Services since 2010

Career Summary

  • Worked in the health field overseas and in New Zealand for approximately 20 years
  • Voluntary work in a residents association for 10 years
  • Chairperson and Parent Representative on the Child Adolescent and Family Mental Health Representative group for 3 years.
  • Volunteered in the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society for over 5 years rising to the Area Councillor position for South Christchurch managing some 300 volunteers
  • Commenced studying dispute resolution in 1997 as a result of advocating for a family members needs.
  • Started gaining experience in Dispute Resolution by volunteering as a facilitator with Restorative Justice working between victims and offenders which is continuing,
  • Continued the learning as a facilitator in the Department of Labour Employment Relations
  • Moved on to the Department of Building and Housing as a Mediator in Residential Tenancy.

Personal Summary

  • Fiona has a passion for assisting people with their disputes
  • She continues to expand her experiences and knowledge through practice and ongoing education
  • She draws on many life skills and experiences
  • She has an ability to facilitate, mediate and co-mediate
  • She provides a highly professional mediation process that is people based

Speciality Areas

  • Residential tenancy, family, environment, employment, restorative justice, community,
  • I have particular skills in working with people with mental health issues and enjoy complex mediations.
  • Face to face and phone mediation skills


  • Graduate Diploma (Bus) in Dispute Resolution,
  • National Certificate in Mediation
  • Panel/Associate member of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand
  • Accredited Restorative Justice Facilitator and Family Violence Facilitator

EQC Mediation Profile

Fiona has worked as a mediator for 12 years and as a Restorative Justice Facilitator for 20 yearsand is happy to assist parties with their conversations in a professional, confidential, impartial and timely manner. She does this in a way that people feel heard and respected. Fiona lives in Christchurch, and is well aware of the issues arising from all the earthquake damage. As a Tenancy mediator she is skilled and experienced in assisting very difficult conversations between landlord and tenants where there has been earthquake damage to tenanted properties. This experience started early in September 2010. This work has lead to an added ability of looking at how to apply legislation to natural disasters. Please note that Fiona is only available for mediation during the weekend or after normal work hours.

Fiona also has extraordinary skills in phone mediations.Sheis confident is being able to transfer skills seamlessly fromRestorative Justice to Mediation