Jenny Leith FAMINZ(Med)

Present Position

Mediator, Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Supervisor

Professional Experience

17 years in general legal practice; 26 years as Tenancy Adjudicator; 22 years as Mediation & Arbitration practitioner; 38 years farming in partnership. Contemporaneously!

Jenny has considerable experience with family disputes having been a family lawyer, and an early intervention mediator for the Family Court. She is now an accredited FDR (Family Dispute Resolution) Practitioner.

Career Summary

Although Jenny has for many years been in a legal practice and a dispute resolution professional, her life has been lived fully in a rural community, involved with various aspects of farming life. Together with her commercial and legal work, this gives her a broad experience from which to assist with rural and land disputes, as well as commercial and family issues. Her experience is broad and she is comfortable working in either mediation (consensual work) or in arbitration (determinative work).


Fellow (Mediation), Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand Inc (AMINZ)

AMINZ Panel of Arbitrators

AMINZ Panel of Mediators

AMINZ List of Adjudicators (Construction Contracts)

FDR Mediator (AMINZ accredited)

EQC panel of mediators

AMINZ list of Conciliators (Sharemilker disputes)

Ministry of Justice Tenancy Adjudicator

Retirement Commission Panel


Published author

Personal Summary

Jenny has worked extensively in the dispute resolution area for many years and has a high rate of success in reaching resolution. Mediations, Arbitrations, Adjudications and Conciliations are conducted professionally, but in a relaxed manner which allows the parties to ensure they are heard and have had their point of view thoroughly considered.

Jenny also offers professional supervision to other dispute resolution professionals

Speciality Areas

Arbitration Panel (AMINZ), Mediation Panel (AMINZ), Family Dispute Resolution(FDR) Mediator,Rural Dispute Panel, Conciliator's Panel, Environmental Dispute Panel, Construction Contract Adjudicator, Retirement Villages Panel. Jenny has been a Tenancy Adjudicator since 1986 and is a trained supervisor encouraging reflective practise amongst dispute resolution practitioners.


Fellow (Mediation), Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand Inc. Bachelor of Laws

EQC Mediation Profile

Jenny has worked as a Lawyer, Mediator and Arbitrator for more than 20 years. She is in private practice as a Dispute Resolution Specialist enabling her to flexibly meet the parties' needs. Jenny has a particular interest in using a relaxed and friendly style to ensure that all those who take part in the dispute resolution process feel that they have had an opportunity to be heard. Jenny has been a member of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute since its inception and h practises subject to its protocols.