John Larmer

Present Position

Director, Larmer Advisory Ltd

Professional Experience

Wide farming experience in numerous districts in New Zealand including mixed cropping, sheep and cattle, Dairying, horticulture and forestry.

50 years background as a rural expert in valuation, consultancy and dispute resolution. Established Larmers Partnership in 1973; merged with TelferYoung Group in 2000; rural director TelferYoung Taranaki until 2010 then consultant as required.

As sole director of Larmer Advisory Ltd now acts as a consulting valuer providing expert witness services or litigation support; as well as accepting mediation, conciliation and arbitral appointments nationally.

Also retained as advisor or farm trustee.

Career Summary

  • President Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of NZ (1996 – 1998)

  • President NZ Institute of Valuers (1993 – 95)

  • Member Valuers Registration Board (1996 – 2004)
  • Chair National Panel of Conciliators (2007 – 2011)
  • Member of AMINZ Panel of Arbitrators for agribusiness, valuation and property matters generally (1996 - )
  • Additional Member High Court – Land Valuation Proceedings Act (2008-2016)


  • Member Committee of Inquiry into gasoline easements (1983) – reporting to Minister of Energy
  • Disaster relief assessment in South Canterbury (1986) – reporting to the Prime Minister
  • Member Valuers Act Review Committee (1992) – reporting to the Minister of Valuation and Lands
  • Member of Consultative Working Group on Maori Reserved Land (1995) – reporting to the Minister of Maori Affairs
  • Sole Arbitrator to determine valuation issues under the Deed of Settlement between Ngai Tahu and the Crown (1998 – 1999)
  • Appointed Umpire for a number of Crown Forest Licences conducting formal arbitrations where required (1995 – 2003)
  • Member Panel reviewing Implementation of Economic Rentals for Crown Pastoral Land – appointed by Minister of Primary Industries (2009 – 10)
  • Arbitrator, Mediator or Conciliator for a wide range of private sector disputes over four decades



1987 Address to National Conference of Federated Farmers in Wellington on the rural debt crisis

1988 Delivered paper to the International PanPacific conference in Christchurch on practitioner advising 1989 Address to NZ Institute of Valuers AGM seminar in New Plymouth – Viability Aspects of Financing Rural Properties

1990 Delivered paper on debt servicing capability and farm financial returns for Rural Bank seminar, New Plymouth

1991 Presented paper on leasehold land to the first NZ Institute of Valuers Maori Land Conference – Palmerston North

1991 Conducted two day seminar in New Plymouth for National Bank staff on agriculture and rural investment criteria

1992 Delivered market report and closing address on behalf of NZ delegation to the International PanPacific Conference in Calgary, Canada

1992 Presented paper to Massey Dairy Farmers Conference in New Plymouth on the price and value of land

1993 Delivered opening Presidential address to a NZ Institute of Valuers Maori Land Hui at Massey University, Albany

1994 Led NZ Institute of Valuers delegation to the International PanPacific conference in Japan; delivered an introductory paper on environmental factors in property decision making; participated in an international panel discussion on environmental issues

1994 Delivered opening address to a NZIV seminar at Lincoln University on future directions for the valuation and property professions

1995 Reported as member of Consultative Working Group on Maori Reserved Land to the Minister of Maori Affairs

1995 Presented paper to Massey University CPD Seminar on Maori Reserved Land and West Coast leases

1995 Article published in December 1995 issue of “NZ Valuers Journal” on gas and oil pipeline easement valuation

1996 Presented keynote address on the implications of changing land use to NZIV Rural Seminar at Balclutha

1996 Paper published in NZ Conveyancing Law and Practice – “Evaluating the Change to Market Rents for Maori Reserved Land”

1997 Address to the first Australian / NZ Joint Arbitration Conference in Sydney – “Dispute Resolution in a Market Economy”

1997 Keynote address to NZIV Rural Seminar at Ruakura on land use changes

1997 Presenter for a series of NZIV Seminars throughout NZ on the Arbitration Act 1996

1998 Presentation to the Valuation and Land Registration Boards Australasian Conference in Sydney – “Deregulation of the Valuation Profession”

1998 Paper published in NZ Conveyancing Law and Practice – “Evaluating the Lessee’s Compensation Provisions Arising from the Amendments to the Maori Reserved Land Act”

2000 Article published in Primary Industry Management Journal on the Arbitration Act 1996

2000 Addressed the International PanPacific Conference in Auckland on forestry land valuation

2001 Presented a paper at the NZ Institute of Primary Management conference at Massey University on ethical and legal responsibilities for land professionals

2003 Co-presented a nationwide series of PINZ seminars on “Risk Management for Valuers and Land Professionals”

2004 Address to PINZ – Plant and Machinery Conference – “Role and Rules for Referees and Arbitrators

2005 Presented paper to the Lexis Nexis Rural Law Conference in Christchurch – “Arbitration Fast, Flexible and Final”

2005 Addressed the High Country Conference of Federated Farmers in Christchurch on pastoral lease tenure and tenure review

2006 Co-presented paper on Appointment Processes and Case Management to a rural arbitration seminar at Waikato University

2007 Presentation to NZIPM North Island Conference in Taupo “Sharemilking Conciliation and the 2001 Order”

2009 Presented paper to the NZ Institute of Primary Industry Management conference in Blenheim on Pastoral Leases – “Where To Now?”

2009 Addressed a National Bank Seminar in Hawera – “Managing a Farming Business in Today’s Environment”

2010 Paper on conciliation to AMINZ Conference in Christchurch – subsequently published in the October 2012 issue of “Arbitrator and Mediator”

2011 Presentations on ground leases and rent review processes to AMINZ Conference in Auckland

2012 Address to AMINZ Seminar for rural professionals on the understanding and operation of sharemilking contracts

2012 Address to Federated Farmers Dairy Section Council in Palmerston North – “Dispute Resolution in the Dairy Industry”

2013 Addressed the AMINZ Rural Seminar in Wellington on conducting sharemilking arbitrations.

2013 Delivered paper to the Local Authority Property Assn Conference in New Plymouth on land issues arising from oil and gas exploration under the Crown Minerals Act 1991

2014 “Resolution Alternatives in Property Disputes” – presentation to Taranaki Branch of PINZ

2016 Delivered paper on conciliation to International Academy of Mediators/AMINZ joint conference in Queenstown – “Dispute Resolution on the Edge”

Speciality Areas

Farm Debt Mediation

John had wide ranging farming experience as a rural field cadet before graduating (Lincoln) with qualifications in agriculture, valuation and farm management, later attaining valuer and farm consultant registrations and qualifying in dispute resolution (AMINZ Fellow).

Following farm appraisal and finance employment, he established “Larmers” in Taranaki, providing expert land professional services.

After merging with TelferYoung in 2000 John assumed national responsibilities for rural sector work before withdrawing in 2010 to practice independently meeting specialist needs based on his farm business expertise and experience as a rural mediator, conciliator and arbitrator.

Governance credentials include past presidential roles with the Valuers Institute and AMINZ plus independent trusteeships. He has also been an additional member of the High Court and sat on the Valuers Registration Board.

In summary, John Larmer has wide land professional and dispute resolution experience with extensive knowledge of rural finance and the primary sector in general.

John holds qualifications in the below primary sector economics and financial areas:

  • Implications of trading in global commodity markets
  • Role of primary and secondary creditors in farm operations
  • Land holding and business arrangements, eg family trust, corporate farmers, Maori land, lairage, sharemilking and cross loans
  • Farm financial and business planning tools
  • Role of cooperative structures and arrangements
  • Tax arrangements and obligations
  • Knowledge of insolvency processes including receiverships, and succession planning
Other Speciality Areas
  • Property valuation
  • Land compensation
  • Maori land issues
  • Dairying and sharemilking
  • Leasehold tenure
  • Forestry land and leases/licences
  • Agribusiness
  • Rural land issues generally


  • Diploma in Agriculture (Lincoln)
  • Diploma in Valuation and Farm Management
  • Life member of both Property Institute of NZ and NZ Institute of Valuers Fellow Arbitrators and Mediators Institute NZ (Arbitration)
  • Fellow NZ Institute of Primary Industry Management
  • Registered Valuer and Registered Primary Industry Consultant holding annual practicing certificates from each Registration Board